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So I hope you enjoy this book which is set up as Assignments for you so you can experience them to the fullest of you sissy abilities. He had a big wet spot on his panties when he got home. The assignments in this book are as follows, you can skip around or do them straight down the line that is up to you or if you have a partner it should really be up to them. Being a woman I understand the excitement and pleasure that comes from shopping, the joys of finding that perfect article of clothing that makes your body sing with pleasure, or finding that one pair of shoes that actuates your ankle just so making your legs look longer as you run your hand up and over your hip onto the curve of your buttocks.

For some reason when a Man is buying some pretty lingerie for his wife or girlfriend he is excited about the prospect of seeing his pretty woman in the sexy clothing as he becomes the conqueror in the bedroom. Take that same man and have him buy some pretty lingerie for himself as he thinks about how pretty he will look and all of a sudden he has a raging hard on in the store just being in the department as he thinks that everyone knows he is really a little secret sissy.

So to start out I have to assume you have nothing, that somewhere along the line you have decided that for some reason you want to start being a sissy. The reasons do not really matter to me, to each his own, though how you go about things may be generally affected by whether or not you are doing this by yourself, or with a partner, and if that partner is agreeable to you being a sissy or if you are doing this behind their backs.

It is always best if you have someone to play with, and where I can, I will try and sort things for each scenario, but please use your best judgment and common sense when it comes to making necessary changes in assignments to fit your individual lifestyles. A sissy is defined as a man with a Fetish who adopts hyper-feminine behaviors and engages in stereotypical feminine activities such as housekeeping, putting on makeup, and wearing female undergarments. Often they take on the submissive role to a dominant female or male partner.

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As a lifestyle a sissy is feminized, this could be physically, behaviorally or both. Sometimes this feminization takes place in private and sometimes in public adding a humiliation factor. But safe to say if you are wearing or wanting to wear panties and stockings and if you find yourself buying plugs and dildos and pushing them up your bottom while you.

This action might not be possible to undo.

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Sissy Assignment Book 61-70

Every woman is afraid of either not getting the right man or winning the right man but then losing him. Have you ever wondered why some women, who are not exactly stunners, are able to attract sexy fit men and are able to keep them forever? These women do everything they possibly can to make sure they are in the thoughts of their men no matter where they are.

And what is more, they are in places where they will be tempted. If they work in an office, they will be surrounded by girls from marketing usually the best looking girls work in marketing or they will be working under powerful women — that is a real turn-on for men. And never forget, all these other women are your competitors — they are after your man and they will do anything to get him.

Some might just be after a fling just remember — once your husband has been lead astray, he will be do it again and again whilst others are looking for a husband who will look after them and possibly even look after their children. Whatever you feel, you must do everything in your power to ensure your man does not waver, even for an instant.

It is about making you at the forefront of his thoughts whether you are with him or not. Masturbate with Me. Mister Average. Female Guide to Male Masturbation. O-O Happiness. Second Life Sex Guide Misty Crimsonlay.

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