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Cloud-making: Another human effect on the climate

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It is seldom used in ancient Greek writings and this word is not used at all in the Bible. Agape love is the extravagant love of God. As human beings, our love often falls very short of being extravagant.

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It is extravagant and it is inexhaustible! Literally, wandering beyond limits. Excessive; exceeding due bounds; unreasonable. The wishes, demands, desires and passions of men are often extravagant. Irregular; wild; not within ordinary limits of truth or probability, or other usual bounds; as extravagant flights of fancy.

Extravagant Love. We hear about it, read about it, sing songs about it, but so often life's circumstances. The love of Jesus is extravagant. Reason would say we need to earn such love. And it is in His love that He gave His Son for us, so we can enter into the extravagant love of our Creator and our Saviour.

Extravagant Love

The extravagant love of God cannot be bought, it can only be received. The extravagant love of God can never be quenched, for it is true and everlasting love. Song of Songs Many waters cannot quench love, Neither can the floods drown it:. Remember always to rest in the perfect and eternal love of Christ that you have been given. It is the greatest gift of love and it truly is extravagant. Go to Page Because people asked me. Originally Posted by Jason00S Invisible sky daddies commanding people to do shit is just so beyond retarded, I feel like punching myself in the balls until I shit my computer chair.

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Dumbstruck | Writingalife's Blog

I realized after the 3rd time i said it, I was in the wrong fucking place. Originally Posted by Raid3n. Member's Picture Albums.

Just got my Dinosaural Tube Bender - HOLY CRAP!!

Originally Posted by Fei-Ji. Originally Posted by lilaznviper. Gosh, my econ TA is some fob guy named Wei Sun. LOLZ everything we ask him, he's like, "It's on the website. My tuition pays your salary, i came here to learn. Last edited by Raid3n; at PM. Last edited by muteki; at PM.

Haha, yeah even during high school the TAs end up having to do everything. Has nothing to do with becoming a teacher. Originally Posted by Shuya Originally Posted by SimplyComplex.