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Indeed part of the reason people do not have more mystical experiences is because they think these moments only come in given form. And all we can do is posture ourselves and wait passively hoping, as if deep spiritual reality was only doled out in sparse amounts to a few special individuals lucky enough to be deemed worthy of receiving.

Participation is even more than just trying to cultivate an environment wherein such an experience could happen.

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There is plenty of evidence and experience of active participation facilitating experienced mystical reality. We are often less familiar and less developed with such practices for a variety of reasons. Many mystical experiences dissolve our ego boundaries. Or they come to us from a reality that seems to exist outside of our normal egoic experience of reality.

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We are touched in a part of us that is beyond our everyday self. At its heart, the word points to the deeper spiritual reality that exists within us. Engaging in mystical reality should lead us closer to knowing and living from our Higher Self.

Here there is no competition, grasping, or boasting. The experiences simply are. Having an experience of ego-death in your life may help free you to not hold on to mystical experience as a measure of specialness, power, envy, etc. But that is not entirely necessary. Sometimes people treat their mystical experiences like buried treasure. It only belongs to them, and if they share it there will somehow be less of it within.

Best Mystical World images in | Mystical world, Book of shadows, Wicca

There is some truth in this. We need to be careful with that which is precious. They might trample them underfoot. But mysticism does not fit in a worldview of scarcity. These experiences are not treasures to be buried. They are glimpses into a way of seeing and living from oneness.

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How would it make sense that they are supposed to be just for you? In fact, when we share them with people who can engage and even experience into them from their own heart, there is an amplifying effect. Mysticism that is shared in similar consciousness is deeply connective, enlivening, and expanding. We often stumble into our first mystical experience, often by pure grace.

We can practice mysticism. We can grow and develop those faculties through certain approaches.

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