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These are the kind of forthright responses that we might expect from a hard-charging independent remote worker. Another characteristic of successful remote employees is that they like their critical feedback to be candid, direct and without sugarcoating.

Top 10 Advantages of Working from Home

So here are some actual candidate answers that hiring mangers considered poor responses. In an earlier job I was informed at my review that I tended to be defensive of my actions and did not take constructive criticism well. Since hearing that, my attitude has remained one of "you need to tell me if I'm doing something wrong because I can't fix it if I don't realize it is happening. I did not receive a great deal of critical feedback at my last job, but I was only there for 13 months.

In general, though, if we know why we made the mistake and understand what needs to be done we are better able to accept correction.

It also helps if our error is pointed out with an attitude to correct rather than just criticize to make ourselves feel better than the other person. During an annual performance review I was blindsided by a negative comment that had no truth to it. I confronted my manager about it and he was unable to give me examples of this behavior so the issue was dropped. I was livid about this and felt that it should have been removed from my performance review because it was unsubstantiated.

Notice how these answers are defensive or evidence an inability to handle tough feedback calmly, rationally and dispassionately? By contrast, here are some actual candidate answers to this question that were considered good answers:. I once spent a substantial amount of time preparing for a training session and felt I had done a great job during the training. Afterward, my manager gave me some constructive criticism about the session which I was shocked to hear.

The criticism included that I went into too much detail and didn't keep it high level enough. I initially was disappointed in myself, but later learned that I did need to build the training session to the audience and I curbed some of the unnecessary detail from future sessions. I don't think that my current salary is relevant, but if you must have that information, I will provide it after you share the salary level and range for this job. Hopefully, the employer will recognize that this response is a logical request to exchange confidential information, and not continue to request that you provide your current salary.

If they do insist, tell them you will comply after you receive the information you requested. Plus, I need to understand the full extent of the opportunity and the benefits you provide to employees plus what the salary range is for this role.

5 Flexible Online Summer Jobs for Teachers

If your response above doesn't stop them from pursuing your salary, you may lose the opportunity with the employer unless you give them the information they require. Your choice. When you are interviewing with an employer, the salary a previous employer paid you is not relevant, except as a negotiation advantage for the employer.

In a job search, this question is asked by two different people: one is usually acceptable, but the other is not:. If the question is asked in a area where it is illegal see below , you can ask the employer if they understand that the question is not legal.

Jobs "with benefits"

If they say yes but continue to pursue an answer, you need to decide if you want to work in an organization that does not pay attention to the law. Some employers request a copy of the job candidate's most recent W-2 form which provides the salary details for the previous year's income. I would strongly resist providing that information until the employer has given you a written job offer. If you do provide a copy of your W-2, be sure to black out your Social Security Number and address to protect your privacy and address ID theft concerns.

Sharing what a different employer paid you for a different job benefits only the potential employer for the salary negotiation. By asking this question, an employer is making it clear that they do not worry about "internal equity" in compensating their employees, so consider if you actually want to work in such an organization.

“What Time Should I Get to the Interview?” and 31 Other Job Interview Questions Answered

You may be paid thousands of dollars more for a job or thousands of dollars less that a colleague simply because your previous employer paid well or poorly. Each employer's profitability and reputation, budget, management, other staff, work tools and resources, policies and procedures, as well as the "total compensation package" like vacation time, bonuses, etc. These differences mean that comparing the salary paid by a previous employer with what the new employer may pay is not "an apples-to-apples comparison.

Instead of providing your salary, use one of the responses in the Sample Answers , above, to dodge the question. Or dodge the employer who insists on an answer to this inappropriate question. Recognizing that this question is an inappropriate attempt to bully job seekers for the salary negotiation, several parts of the USA have made this question illegal. The effort to protect job candidate salary history seems to be expanding. The expectation is that new employees will be paid more fairly when they are protected by this law.

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Two states have limited local governmental ability to block the salary history question: Michigan and Wisconsin. Before they even meet you, impress future employers by creating a resume.

18 Remote Job Interview Questions You NEED to Answer - Skillcrush

Not sure how to get started? We can help! You want to show that you take pride in your appearance. A pair of dark slacks and a blouse or top will look fine. Of course, they should be clean and well-fitted.

Your hair, makeup, and accessories should reflect your professional style. When you get the call to come in for an interview, it will be time to prepare for the questions you are likely to be asked. Try to devise answers ahead of time. There are two types of questions. First are informational questions, which ask about your skills and talents. Every interview has this question … and it is often misunderstood. For example, talk about how you used to visit your grandmother in the nursing home and how you liked to do her nails or help her eat. Tell the interviewer that you know that CNAs work hard but they get to do so much for their patients.

You can add that you want to be part of a team and make patients feel special and respected. This is a rather silly question because no one knows what the future holds.

Job interview questions and answers (Part 13): How to explain employment gaps

Perhaps you simply want to work near home, earn a paycheck, or get the experience necessary for the job you really want. I would come in a little early to get things set up. But it was so much fun, seeing the customers enjoying the cones and shakes that I made! My co-workers said I made the job fun for them, too. As much as we all hate the question about strengths, this one is even worse.

Starting your online business

Who wants to admit to having flaws? The truth is everyone has a few.

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