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My family has a private Facebook group that we use to keep up with each other. If my sister reports that one of her kids did well at a dance recital or pinewood derby, we send our digital high-five their way. Bring a small gift whenever you see them. Kids love getting surprises. Something they can play with straightaway is always a hit. See the Christmas gift section below for suggestions. Uncle Buzz once brought a bag of these special, freshly made, apple cider donuts that you can only get at this apple cider mill in VT, on the plane with him to give to us when he came for a visit.

Scored some major uncle points there. Little ones are surprisingly impressed with seemingly banal knickknacks. If you know your niece or nephew is having trouble with something in their life, reach out and dispense some friendly suggestions. Get them cool Christmas presents. Think back to when you were a kid.

Remember the neat, but inexpensive toys and games you loved playing with? Things they never knew they wanted until they started playing with them. Let them rummage through your treasure box. Give them an item from it. Kids love rummaging through them and hearing the stories about all the items in it. Just letting your nieces and nephews look through your treasure box will make you a cool uncle.

To upgrade to coolest uncle of all time, give them an item from your box. If necessary, plant stuff in your box to give the kiddos. Bullet pencils, crappy baseball cards, or old, worthless, but cool-looking coins are good freebies. Most of this advice is geared towards when your nieces and nephews are young. In their tween and teen years, let a niece or nephew that you really like stay with you for a week away from their parents.

My uncles and aunts check in with me on Facebook. Be a good example. Do your best to provide a positive male role model for them. Show them how a good man behaves and comports himself.

49 Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys | Star Walk Kids

What are your tips on being an awesome uncle? It is all about coordination and team work, and will give a serious workout to those playing, making it great for sporty kids or those who need to be a bit more active. Whats really great about this is that the kit is small and easy to set up, and it really can be appropriate for all ages, so older and younger siblings can easily join in the the fun.

This will be great for kids who like going to the park or the beach. Some boys are more creative and which is why they might like this gift. If you have a lad who likes to draw and color, this set of high quality colored pencils will give him some extra inspiration to keep on sharpening pun intended his talent.

When will my book be dispatched from your warehouse?

This Crayola set has 50 vibrant and rich colors, and are excellent for shading and blending, and your little boy artists will really be amazed at just how fantastic they can make his drawings look. Every boys like a card game and this could be a good choice for the right boy. Thankfully this is not referring to how long your kids can leave food on the floor before eating it.

With the fun and interesting card game, the players take it in turns to take a card, and once the timer starts, they have 5 seconds to say three things that fit that topic. And with so little time on the timer, it is not as easy as it sounds. It is also a good brain challenge, as trying to come up with 3 things for a topic in just 5 seconds is not an easy task. Help spice up any family gathering or special occasion with this awesome card game for you 12 year old boy. Gifts of music are something for life, and if your lad wants to start to flex his musical muscles, this cool Digital Keyboard will be a great first instrument for him.

This thing can also record and has a built-in microphone as well. Hasbro makes great toys for boys. Now, this is seriously cool. If your 12 year old lad is very sociable and likes hanging out with his friends, this cool game set will bring them endless amounts of fun and will be great at family gatherings like Christmas and Thanksgiving. The game is simple, but ends up being hilarious.

The players take it in turns to wear the special speech cancelling headphones while their teammates read from one of the cards with phrases, and they have to try and guess what their team is saying by reading their lips. Kids will be rolling around the floor with laughter at the wacky and crazy phrases the person with the headphones comes up with, so much so that mom and dad will be desperate to join in on the fun.

Boys love foosball , which is why this is an awesome gift choice. Games for 12 year old boys really are the best, because adults can play too.

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This is an amazing gift for a twelve year old boy who likes having his friends over to hang out. It even has a cup holder on each side! The only real problem with this table is that aside from the room it takes up, your son is going to be the most popular kid in his class as all his friends will want to try. Retro toys and gifts for boys aged 12 are hot in style these days, and following on from the wave of 80s nostalgia brought about by shows like Stranger Things, your youth can now relive the excitement and fun of the video game arcades from the safety of your living room with this cool console.

Simply connect the system to your TV and you can boot any of its massive HD arcade games and play them on authentic arcade joysticks, give your son a real arcade experience, but without having to go looking for quarters every five minutes. Little boys love these kits.

The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained

This box comes with 80 different parts and more, and a clear and easy to follow manual that shows your children how to do around experiments of varying difficulty. They can even use the computer interface to connect to a windows PC that turns the monitor into an oscilloscope and lets you see signals in a process in the circuits.

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Technology and science have never been more fun than with Snap Circuits, and this educational toy is a perfect gift for a pre-teen. Another great gift to get for a sporty boy, this cool hockey set will let him and his friends turn the street into their own hockey arena. This is recommended for outdoor Street Hockey, and will be good encouragement for a child who needs a helping hand to get more active. With this tablet,m your kid can surf the web, skype with their friends and use lots of different apps and watch films and TV shows.

It also has parental controls, so you can make sure that they use it safely. It comes with everything you need aside from the ability itself, such as rackets, balls, and the net. Better still, if your boy is really sociable, he can have all his friends round for a tournament. This cool little robot kit will be an amazing gift for 12 year old boys who love robots and sciences, as they can make 14 different solar powered models that all have hilarious and funny functions, such as cute robot dog that wags its tail or a crab that walks.

This is a wonderful little robot kit that really shows just how wonderful solar energy is and how it can help our planet. Also, its going to take your boy a long time to get through those 14 different robots, so this is a really long lasting gift. No glue is required here, just a hobby nipper and a little bit of patience. It has 10 runners and an instruction manual too.

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Boys at 12 are often the time when young people really start getting into music, developing their own tastes and following their favorite bands. This Sony MP3 player is lightweight, slick, has great sound quality, and it can store up to 4GB of music, which should be plenty.

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It has a built in USB connector, so your son can use it just like a USB flash drive and drag and drop his favorite tracks from a computer. It also has an FM radio built in. They connect by Bluetooth, so you have no need to worry about cables which can easily get damaged or tangled. These are very comfortable and durable, as the ear cushion ensuring long-lasting premium comfort.

The battery will also last to around 20 hours of a full charge, which is amazing!

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness - Robert Waldinger

It might seem like a bit of a cop-out or an insincere gift, but sometimes a gift voucher might be just what an older boy wants, as they are old enough to pick their own presents. If you are buying something for a 12 years grandson who has an iPod, Tablet or an iPhone, they will really appreciate an Amazon voucher as this will let them choose some great gifts online from their favorite gifts to artists.

Help your boy get ready for a life of scientific discoveries with this awesome chemistry set. Once your kid gets a little lab space set up, endless hours of joy and learning are ahead of him as he tackles experiments dealing in air pressure, surface tension and color markers for cool lessons like how to make invisible ink.

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Safety is a top priority for a good chemistry set, and this has thorough safety precautions and instructions ensure safe experimentation. Parental supervision is still a good thing though. If your little boy aged 12 has shown an aptitude for art and is enjoying his art classes in school, why not encourage him to develop this talent further by getting him a cool beginners painting kit, like this one? With brushes, paints, primers and a frame this has everything your little one will need in order to get immersed in the world of painting. Painting is a very good activity for youths as it helps them to relax and also to express their inner emotions through art.

This set is also great because it has all the basics they need to get started, and you can always add more paints and brushes later if your child really gets into it.